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Cook Landscape Products is striving to be the largest supplier of decorative stone in the state of MA. We try to provide a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit all of your projects. We have many of them in stock and can have larger orders delivered right to your jobsite. The color of these stones tells a story of their origination.

¾” Crushed Bluestone
A pale shade of blue/gray mined right here in Worcester County. Typically this stone is used as a drainage stone but lends itself well to make striking contrasts with mulch and plants. It is a washed stone and requires no maintenance if installed properly. Contact your Cook professional for installation techniques.

Crushed Bluestone


¾” Golden Brown
This stone is indigenous to upper central MA. It is a screened stone therefore is very round and easy on the feet. The earth tone golden brown makes this stone a wonderful accent to any landscape. Some uses are around above ground pools, garden beds, tree rings, dog pens and informally edged pathways. It is also available in 3/8” and 2” by special request.

Golden Brown Stone

¾” White (limestone)
This stone has several originations. One as close as northern RI and the other from western MA. Many people are under the impression that it is a marble chip. That is not the case as it is mined from local limestone quarries. The pure whitish gray color as well as its crushed appearance make it a top seller for landscape design. Typical uses are tree rings, foundation splash guards and informal walkways.

White Stone (Limestone)


¾” Crushed Red
A very dark red ¾” crushed stone indigenous to North Central Massachusetts. This stone provides a handsome surrounding landscape or perimeter showcase.

Red Stone

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