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Mulch and Groundcover

Cook Landscape Products sells a large variety of mulches and groundcover to enhance and finish any residential or business landscape. Choose from Premium Hemlock, Premium Pine, Hemlock Blend, Dark Pine, Midnight, Redwood, Eco-Blend and Playground mulch.

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Premium Hemlock
Premium natural dark reddish brown mulch with a delightful odor that naturally helps to repel insects. This is truly the Cadillac of Mulches”. Hemlock keeps its color all season long and accents most plantings and hardscapes.

Premium Pine
A mixture of spruce and fir bark ground to make a very natural looking brownish ground cover. The ground fragrance is definitely a reminder of spring and again its odor is a nuisance to bugs. Pine like the hemlock is a great landscape dressing.

Hemlock Blend
A color enhanced blend of softwoods that offers several of the premium hemlocks qualities. Softwood raw materials are enhanced by non toxic water based coating for vibrant long lasting color. The hemlock blend offers a similar color to the premium hemlock and the ability to enhance the beauty of plants and shrubs.

Dark Pine
Our most popular groundcover. Like the hemlock blend, the dark pine is a color enhanced blend of softwoods ground to a medium coarseness to fit most applications. The deep natural brown color is a traditional winner. Color lasts for the season and this mulch fits most any décor.

A front runner over the past several years. A near perfect replica of composted leaves or even a dark brown bark left to age over a number of years. Like the other color enhanced products midnight is a jet black and a perfect backdrop for any green or flowering plant or shrub.

This bright red/orange mulch is color enhanced like the hemlock blend, dark pine and midnight but is made from a more chunky type chip. Redwood is produced from softwood chips and will make a statement wherever installed.

Eco Blend
This mulch has several uses and is 100% natural! The fines collected when producing raw material for the dark color enhanced mulch and put aside for Eco Blend. Its dark brown natural color makes a very good stand alone mulch. It can also be used to mix with compost as a planting medium for plants, shrubs and trees. A great choice for the frugal shopper.

Playground mulch
AKA “Safety Blanket” is a certified playground cover. Certifications include ASTM F1292 and 2075. Safety Blanket is comprised of double ground select softwoods tested each year to meet the standards put in place by IPEMA. (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association). This mulch is required by cities and towns as well as private day care facilities for playground areas.

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Premium Hemlock Mulch at Cook Forestry Landscape Products

Midnight Black Mulch

Hemlock Blend Mulch

Eco Blend Mulch\

Premium Pine Mulch

Redwood Mulch

Dark Pine Mulch
Playground Mulch - AKA Safety Blanket  Certified Ground Cover for Playgrounds

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