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Mason Sand
Very fine sand with stones no larger than 1/8”. Mason sand has many uses but its primary one is as the name suggests. Mixing cement with mason sand provides the product needed for most masonry work especially the final capping layer where the cement needs to be smooth. Mason sand may also be used to fill sand boxes and provide a soft natural base for an above ground pool project. Mason sand has also been used for horse shoe pits and certain equestrian applications.

Mason Sand


Concrete (Brick) Sand
Not to be mistaken for mason sand, concrete sand has completely different characteristics. Concrete sand is more course in nature with stones up to ¼” in size. Uses include mixing with salt to provide sand/salt mix used for deicing many of our streets and highways. The most common use is as the underlayment of concrete pavers or clay bricks often referred to as bedding sand. Its course characteristics allow for proper drainage underneath paving stones.

concrete (brick) sand, underlaying for concrete pavers or clay bricks.

¾” Dense Grade
Dense grade is a mixture of native stone (many sizes can be used but not mixed together) and crushed stone fines. In this particular case an angular crushed ¾” stone is mixed with stone fines to create a very popular product used for driveway underlayment’s, patching holes in a gravel driveway and most popularly used as a base underlayment when installing pavers or concrete retaining walls. It is known for its ability to compact. When a manual or mechanical compactor is run over the top of this material it becomes very hard while the angular stone provides good drainability.

¾” Crushed Stone
This stone can be many different colors depending on the territory from which it's mined. Typical colors for our area are blue and a salt and pepper mix. This particular stone has many uses. The most common one is for drainage. Typical drainage uses are under downspouts, along foundations as splash interruption, buried and covered with plastic or fabric to create a drainage pit for leading excess water to, for drainage behind retaining walls, to create a base for concrete floors or pads and in some cases in place of mulch in garden beds or around trees.

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