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Loam and Compost

Cook Landscape Products is proud to offer and fully stock a dark rich ½? screened loam and compost fully recycled from stumps, grass clippings and leaves. These materials are generated in Upton each year and are tested fully by the UMass testing laboratory. Test results are available upon request.


A precise mixture of fine sand, organic subsoil and composted grass and leaves makes up the ½” screened loam. Once all of the ingredients are mixed they are run through a screening plant to separate any sticks, rocks or other matter that is not ½”. By running these mixed materials through the screening plant we create a rich, organic fluffy soil that will be suitable for new lawn installations, existing lawns, vegetable gardens, flower beds and potted plants. For those jobs that require specific mixtures of ½” loam and ½” compost, we have your answer. Call for custom blends.


Our ½” screened compost is made on site in Upton. The ingredients used are always recycled grass clippings and leaves. Compost cannot be processed before it has broken down to a dark, rich combination of the above. This all takes time and labor as materials must be turned to evenly disperse the natural heat created in the composting process. Specific uses for the compost are over seeding existing lawns, vegetable gardens flower beds and potted plants. Sometimes jobs require a mixture of ½” compost and ½” loam. We can create those mixtures for you. Call for custom blends.

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